Acute Health Systems - Connecting the Dots
This is to inform you about a new Acute Health Systems (AHS) resource created to provide information about the Alabama Trauma System and Alabama Stroke System.  As part of our new series "Connecting the Dots" two videos have been developed and are available to registered users in the Alabama Department of Public Health Learning Content Management System (LCMS).  See the instructions below to access the training.

Unless otherwise noted, no continuing education (CE) for individual licensure is provided. However, watching the videos can help meet system education requirements. The Stroke Rules effective March 17, 2022 are an example of how these videos can be used to supplement a hospital's education program to meet an AHS program education requirement. The Stroke Rules are posted at  
The idea behind developing this series is to support consistent training about AHS in a venue that is easily accessible and user friendly. Each viewer's transcript is updated after they complete the video and electronically submit the LCMS Acknowledgement of Completion for the course. The link to the Acknowledgement of Completion can be found in the Post-Training section beneath the video on the course landing page.

The two videos available at this time are the AHS Application Process and a Stroke System Overview.

Additional planned videos topics include:  Alabama Trauma Communication Center, Alabama Trauma System, and Alabama Trauma Registry.  
Please follow the steps below to access the training.

1. Log in to LCMS to access your "My Account" page.
2. Click the "Courses" link (not  the "My Courses" link) under the "Professional Development" heading to be redirected to the "Training Opportunities" page.
3. On the "Training Opportunities" page, click the "EMS - Acute Health Systems" link, which is located under the "Program Area" column.
4. The "AHS - AHS Application Process Overview" and the "Alabama Statewide Stroke System - Connecting the Dots" courses will be listed. Other AHS courses will be posted here as they become available.
5. Click the "Register" link next to a course to begin the training.

If you do not remember your LCMS username and/or password, you can retrieve your log in credentials using following steps:

1. Go to the LCMS Log In screen.
2. Select the "Click Here" link beneath the "Log In" button.
3. This will take you to the "Forgotten Log In Information?" page.
Enter your First Name, Last Name, and PIN.
4. Click the "Submit" button.
If successful, you will see your LCMS username with a link that reads, "Email Now."
5. Click the "Email Now" link.
6. Check your work email inbox.
 (The email containing your LCMS password may be in your Spam folder. The sender will be from "Registration" and the subject line will read: "Important Email from ADPH").

If you do not have an LCMS account, you can create one by clicking here.
This link will take you to the “Registration Information” page. You will need to enter the requested information and click the “Submit” button.  Once you successfully create your account, you will be redirected to your LCMS “My Account” page.

If you have any questions related to LCMS, please email You may also call 334.206.5027 to speak with an LCMS Support representative.