EMS Recognition Program
EMS Recognition Program

The Alabama EMSC Program wants to establish a recognition program in conjunction with EMSC Day in May. We are looking for providers who have made the right call in an emergent situation with a pediatric patient. While we want to always recognize our providers who have a positive outcome with a critical patient, this recognition program is going to focus on the everyday emergencies our providers see.
Please send your nominations along with a description of the call and the outcome, if known, to Katherine Hert (katherine.hert@adph.state.al.us) by March 29, 2019. The nominations will be evaluated by a workgroup of the Alabama EMSC Advisory Board and will be announced in conjunction with a continuing education opportunity at Children’s Hospital on EMSC Day (May 22, 2019).

Thank you,
Katherine Dixon Hert
EMS for Children Project Director
Financial and Special Programs Manager
334-206-5383 (phone)
334-206-0364 (fax)